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Aeryn Ejjina's Blog - Part Eleven - Back In Lockdown

November 2020

Hi Guys, so we’re back in lockdown again.

So when we were in lockdown before I talked a bit about exercise. I'm not going to do that today. Instead I thought I would talk about the importance of nutrition.

My daddy is currently trying to lose some bodyfat and is concentrating on his diet cutting out lots of sugar and some carbs. He’s really hating the fact he can’t have chocolate!

But nutrition is so important to an athlete. As I’m young and still growing I need lots and lots of calories, and depending on your goals you might too, like if you want to build muscle in lockdown this is the perfect time to put on some weight and eat a bit more.

Like last night I ate more than either of my parents at dinner and I still wanted pudding! Because I’m so active (yesterday I did four workouts) I need food. Food is fuel for your body, don’t forget that.

A balanced diet is so important, but in lockdown it’s even more important to have a healthy diet with some treats so we don’t all go crazy! Lots of colours on your plate, like sweet potatoes instead of normal ones, chop them up and put them under the grill for a few minutes and they’re so tasty and a great alternative to regular ones, with more nutrition! Or make your own burgers! Get some chicken, grill or bake it, let it cool down and put it in a food processor with a couple of mushrooms and an onion and you have an amazing burger! Oh, put garlic in too! It’s so yummy! And don’t forget your fruits and vegetables. Daddy says that we should get frozen ones in winter as they will last longer and be cheaper. I put some in my protein shake or on my breakfast. So yummy!

Whatever your nutrition goals I hope you are all staying well during lockdown. It’s only for a few weeks, we got this guys!  

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