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Aeryn Ejjina's Blog - Part Five - Coping With CV19 Isolation

Aeryn Ejjina Blog

April 2020

Hi guys, we are living through some strange times right now, and I know a lot of people are struggling not being able to get to the gym so I thought I would give everyone some tips on how to cope with exercising in isolation during the CV19 crisis.

My training has not been affected too much as I’m too young to join a gym so train at home with my daddy. So I am able to keep going pretty much as I was, I am missing swimming and running though!

At home I have some weights, some kettlebells, a pull up bar and a TRX system that I can hook up to the pull up bar and do loads with. I also have an ab roller, a yoga ball, yoga mats and some other little bits like that, none of which were very expensive. I think the most expensive thing daddy got was a fold away bench which we can use for bench press and some other stuff like leg extensions. If you are looking for home gym equipment try your local facebook groups and ebay as well as traditional places like Amazon and shops websites as you might get stuff super cheap!

So I think I’ll explain some exercises that anyone, kids, teens, adults and even the old people, can do at home so everyone can keep exercising even if you can’t go out. My mummy is high risk so she’s been ordered to stay indoors for 3-months! But she is still managing to exercise everyday!


One of my favourite exercises is Squats. There’s loads of ways to do this even if you have no weights at home. If you can, pick up a member of your family and squat with them! If you’re not strong enough to do that, squat without any weights, or save your coke or milk bottles, wash them and then fill them with water, or even dirt from your garden, and put them in a bag and you can hold it in front of you or put it on your back, easy and free weight and you can always add more as you get more bottles! You can also do jump squats or even pistol squats!

Lunges are the same, I love lunges! Add some weight in each hand, or even in one hand to work your core as well as you’ll be unbalanced, it’s really fun and works everything in your legs, even your bum!

Calf raises are something a lot of people forget, but calf muscles are used for jumping so are really important! You just lift your feet so you’re on the balls of your feet and then lower down again. So simple! But if you do it a few times it sure gets hard fast! I do it when I’m washing my teeth to make sure I do it for two minutes, so hard!!!


Bicep curls are really fun, probably one of my absolute favourites! Like with squats just get anything to give you some resistance, a bag of weights, a tin of beans, a bottle of water or a resistance band if you have one and pump away!! I love feeling the burn and then doing a biceps pose!

Chin ups work the biceps too, you can do this on a pull up bar, or on the door frame or on a tree branch!

Bent over tricep extensions, grab a weight and bend over and bend your elbow with the weight down, then straighten your arm and lower it back down. It might feel a bit weird with different objects like a bottle but it works the tricep and that’s the biggest muscle in the arm so is the most important! Lots of people forget that!

You can also do dips on a bed or sofa or chair, no weights are required so it’s sure easy right now, if you want to make it harder try having a weight on your lap and elevate your feet!

Diamond press ups are a sneaky exercise! They look so simple but burn like anything! Remember to keep your legs apart for balance and try do to ten sets of ten, I promise you’ll feel it by the end!


Chest press lie on the floor with a weight in either hand and you can do chest press, just make sure you squeeze your chest muscles at the top of the movement. If you have a bench, or anything which with hold your weight, you can do this easy. Same goes for chest flies, which are really fun and good for the upper chest!


My absolute favourite lift is deadlift. It’s great for the posterior chain, which is everything down from your neck to your calf muscles. If you don’t have weights at home try making some out of bags full of tinned food, or you can lift the end of the sofa!

Pull ups are also a great exercise, if you have a pull up bar that’s great, if not you can use a tree branch or the door frame. You can have a really great workout just doing deadlifts and pull ups and never touch a barbell or anything!


If you have a skipping rope this is awesome cardio, and fun! I have a pink skipping rope but you can get them quite cheap in lots of places!

Burpees are one of my favourites, do an EMOM workout, nothing to do with burping!!! Start standing up, get your chest down to the floor and then stand up and jump. That’s it! Try doing six or more a minute for ten minutes and see how you feel, then try eight a minute, then ten! 

There are so many resources out there right now to workout at home, bodyweight exercises, Joe Wicks and Mr Motivator doing stuff for people to follow every weekday, lots of people on Instagram (like me) showing you how to work out at home. It’s hard to be away from the gym but we can still do really cool stuff!

Stay safe guys, work hard and be awesome!

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