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Aeryn Ejjina's Blog - Part Fourteen - Crossfit Open

April 2021

Some of you will know that I am trying to be a CrossFit athlete. I love the weightlifting and how it gets worked into CrossFit workouts.

Every year I try out the CrossFit Open, an online competition open to anyone. I am not yet old enough to enter officially, as you have to be 14, but I love trying to see how well I do. I always try to compare my efforts with the girls 14/15 division.

In 21.1 a mixture of wall walks and skipping (I did regular skipping as I can’t do double unders yet!) and I didn’t finish the workout inside the time limit but my time would have put me in 6th in the world which I’m really happy with.

In 21.2 I had to do increasing rounds of alternating dumbbell snatches (I had to do 5kg instead of 10kg as daddy said it would have been dangerous for me to do high volume lifts with that weight) with burpee box jump overs in between. I thought my time of 11:24 was really good, but I finished 26th in the world with seven girls going sub-10:00! Which sucked! Not for them, but for me!

So going into 21.3, the last workout, I was sitting in 14th in the division and I need a good performances to get into the top 10 which is my goal!

They released 21.3 AND 21.4!

21.3 was a mixture of barbell moves, front squats and thrusters, and gymnastics, toes to bar, pull ups and muscle ups. In my first attempt the muscle ups killed me and I didn’t finish inside the time cap. On my redo though I managed to finish in 14:35! That was good enough for 29th in the world. So at this point I was right in there, top fifteen in the world competing with the very best!

I then had seven minutes immediately after that to do my max weight barbell cycling, deadlift, clean, hand clean and jerk. I was shattered after the previous workout and no matter what I did I could not get more than 22.2kg. My PB is 27kh so it wasn’t a bad lift, I was pleased with my performance, its just that the other girls did more. A lot more. Tops girls were doing over 100Kg and even girls in the middle were doing more than 50kg. I was near the bottom. 597th place.

That means I finished with 658 points in 121st place. Right up until that last workout I was doing so well, but daddy wants me to remember that I was competing against girls much bigger and they were always going to lift more. I have 4-years to get as strong as they are now and I’m already quarter of the way there!

Now spring is here I’ve also started running outside again. We have a 400m track in the park nearby so I’m trying to run that three times a week, doing 2km runs minimum. I’ve so far taken a few seconds of my 2km PB!

Now I’m back at school full time, and doing a business studies course as well, and trying to get in 3 YouTube filming sessions a week, and do 2 workouts a day, and get my reading in, I really have very little time left, so rather than pushing for lots of PB’s right now I’m just trying to maintain my strength and keep growing in other areas. My cardio is going good and I’m still working on improving my gymnastics, I got my first handstand walk in the other day which I wasn’t even planning on getting to this year! With covid messing up my timetable all the time (school could be cancelled at any moment!) I’m just trying to be the best me I can!

Oh, I’ve also appeared on TV, a German media company wanted to do a piece on my weightlifting, I ended up on TV in five different countries! It was cool.

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