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Aeryn Ejjina's Blog - Part Nine - Exercising on holiday

Aeryn Ejjina Blog

August 2020

Hi everybody,

Now that lockdown is starting to be lifted but gyms and swimming pools are still mostly closed we are able to be a bit more active, but it’s difficult for those of us who want to do a bit more than you can do by yourself.

I work with CrossFit Shropshire who send me Brand X workouts specific for kids, which are super fun, but I always like to combine these with my own training. And now I can go outside and it is still nice weather (well most of the time!) I have some ideas for workouts outside, you can even do them on holiday if you go away for the weekend or for short holidays!

There are two pieces of equipment I always take away with me, if I just go to my grandparents or we go away, they are a kettlebell and a skipping rope. Daddy got me into kettlebells and I’ve got to say they’re so amazing. A heavy kettlebell can do pretty much everything a dumbbell or a barbell can do and then do more stuff. You can also combine movements into flows, which act as great cardio. Do 300 kettlebell swings then 3 sets of 10 clean and press with a lunge at the same time, left side and then right side, wow, you’ve got cardio done and a whole body workout and it doesn’t take long! Then do skipping to finish yourself off and you’re done! It’s really simple but burns so much! If you find it easy you just up the weight. Small changes like that can make such a difference and you’ll be so tired.

Aeryn Ejjina's Blog - Part Nine - Exercising on Holiday

But if you don’t have that, start hill running. It’s free and it’s so good for you! Everyone has a hill near them...or stairs! Go to it, run up and down, then do press ups or squats, or, if you can put some weights in a bag and then do thrusters or clean and press or snatches out in the sun. It doesn’t need to be heavy weights, just hard enough to make you sweat and if you’re doing it in the sun it feels so good.

There are lots of videos on YouTube now advising of ways to make things harder, cheap and easy. Don’t have a weight vest? Put tinned food in a school bag and run or exercise with it on your back. Don’t have weights? Get a bag for life from the supermarket and put water in used milk bottles and use that instead. Don’t have stairs, used a small chair or a couple of thick books. My brother did that and used it to raise £400 for charity climbing just one step over and over and he climbed the same height as Mount Everest!

Not having access to a gym is not an excuse! Especially now we can go outside! There’s so much we can do.


Personal Bests

Overhead Squats – Up to 17.2Kg

Front Squat – Up to 25kg

Clean – Up to 20Kg

Clean and Jerk – Up to 22.2Kg

Shoulder Press – 12.2Kg

Back Squat – Up to 32.5Kg

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