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Aeryn Ejjina's Blog - Part One - Working on Weaknesses

Aeryn Ejjina Blog

December 2019

I’m Aeryn-Ejjina Atkinson, I’m a 9-year old weightlifter and CrossFit athlete from Telford, England. I’ve been exercising for about a year and a half now and my favourite exercise is to lift heavy weights but I’m not allowed to do it as often as I would like. My favourite lifts are clean and jerk, deadlift and just the regular clean. My PB’s in them are:

Clean and Jerk: 17.5Kg

Deadlift: 44.2Kg

Clean: 17.5Kg

I think I’m pretty strong for my age and weight class, but I struggle with some overhead lifts. Over the summer and autumn I’ve really worked hard to learn how to do muscle ups and make my cardio better, but now I’m working on another weakness, handstands, wrist strength and upper body strength and development.

As part of this I’m doing a handstand/ gymnastics workout twice a week and an upper body focused workout at least once a week, this usually means I do a bent over row into a clean then an overhead press, either in a number of sets and reps or the or a race to see how many I can do in a time limit or an EMOM (every minute on the minute) for a set time period.

My typical day starts with me doing a 150 rep core workout before school. After school I do two workouts usually, one is a CrossFit workout, which changes every day, then the other is a practice workout where I work on my weaknesses and try and improve. Twice a week I do swimming and in the summer I go outside and do running, and I do the Jr Park Run 2km run most Sundays and sometimes join mummy for the adults 5km on Saturdays sometimes but I mostly leave Saturdays as my rest day where I do no exercise at all.

In 2020 I want to hit a few new goals, I want to get a better score in the CrossFit open than the winner (girls 14/15 scaled division) as I would have finished 5th this year. I want to master handstands and handstand walks and maybe even double under’s.

But in weightlifting I want to do a few things, I want to lift double my bodyweight in deadlift and lift my bodyweight overhead, I’d also like to keep improving at the Olympic lifts. One of my heroes is Tia-Clar Toomey and she won the CrossFit games and the Olympics and commonwealth games in weightlifting. I’d love to set a world record in the 5-lift challenge but at the moment we can’t find someone to make it official, but under 30kg Under 10’s record is 93.2kg and I always beat that in training.

I hope you will join me every month to follow me on my journey.

Monthly Check In


Bodyweight – 25Kg

Biceps – 21cm

Thighs – 38cm

PB’s Set this month

Clean and Jerk – 17.5Kg – Increase of 0.3Kg

5 Lift Challenge Total (Deadlift, Snatch, Clean and Jerk, Bench Press and Back Squat in 45 minutes) – 104.4Kg – Increase of 10.3Kg

All The Ropes CrossFit WOD – 19:16 – Decrease of 4:02

Follow Aeryn Ejjina on her Instagram profile @aerynejjina_athletics and keep an eye out on the Clean and Pressed social media pages so you know when the next instalment is released!