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Aeryn Ejjina's Blog - Part Seventeen - So I got a job!

 So, I Got a Job!

Well, I’ve wanted to talk about this for a while but now it’s certain. At the end of June I will be starting to work at Foundry Gym in Telford. Yes, working. Yes, I know I’m 10, but it’s really work experience, but I had an interview and they offered me the chance to come in and learn from them and I’ve got to act like a member of staff so I’m calling it a job. My daddy has been bugging gyms around Telford for three years to allow me into one of them and now I have an opportunity to learn as much as I can about the fitness industry.

I will be doing one hour a week to start with, shadowing various members of the gyms team to learn everything I can. I’m so excited. I hope you know I’ve got plans to run my own gym one day, I’d love to take classes and be a personal trainer and help people reach their goals, but I’d like to be my own boss so I need to learn everything I can about the business, not just the fitness part but things like what they do in the office, how they pay people, stuff like that. I have already learned from my interview that it’s not as customer facing as people think and there’s a lot more cleaning involved, especially now during covid. At the end of this month I’ll be working in a gym. My first job will be shadowing the manager to learn what she does. It’s going to be so cool. Daddy is going to have to be with me for insurance purposes, but I’m going there to learn and he just has to be quiet and not get in the way.

Meanwhile, my training is continuing. Phoenix Weightlifting Gym in Gloucester is insisting I do two squat sessions a week, one front squat, one back squat. This has led me to setting two new PB’s in squats, and I’m doing some accessories work to try and improve my overhead press strength and I’m eating a lot more to try and gain muscle mass. I’ve also set a new PB in my snatch, 19.3Kg, which I’m super happy with as I’m now getting closer to my goal of a 20Kg snatch in 2021. I have to go down to Gloucester once a month to get one on one training from my Olympic weightlifting coach, Andrea Peck.

I’m also continuing my Strongwoman training, CrossFit Shropshire training and Telford Athletics training, it’s this which has helped me set a years best time in my 2km Jr Park Run last week even though it was really hot. They’ve changed the course now to cope with covid and social distancing, so we now finish running up a steep hill, which is just horrid.

So I’m keeping super busy, with YouTube filming and business studies on top of school and my training, and now I have my job as well. Well, Arnold Schwarzenegger says don’t waste the hours in your day!

I’ll keep you updated on now my job goes!

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