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Aeryn Ejjina's Blog - Part Six - Covid 19 Workouts

Aeryn Ejjina Blog

May 2020

Hi everybody

Well lockdown is still with us, I’m trying to treat this as an opportunity not a burden. I’m actually finding it exciting. I really wanted to do a day in the life and my teacher seemed keen to help take pictures of me at school to show everyone, but that’s kind of not going to happen now so I’ll try my best to show you what life is like for me now.

Mummy and daddy keep me and my brother in a strict routine:

8AM – Core Workout

9AM – PE with Joes Wicks

9:30AM – School Work

12PM – Lunch Time

1PM – School Work

4PM – Training – Two workouts

7PM – Dinner

9PM – Bedtime

We do change things up sometimes. On Friday we have a Friday Night Disco and on weekends we have themes, like Wild West or camping.

But one thing I have been really excited about doing is skyping or facetiming my friends and having them go through a workout with me like I’m a personal trainer. I’ve also started uploading videos onto youtube for people to follow along with. I’ve done some for kids and one for adults.

I’ll put some links below so anyone can have a look, the kids videos are for kids like my cousins who are too young for Joes Wicks or just bored of it. The Adults one is for teenagers or adults who are struggling to figure out how to workout in lockdown. I’m going to do one for grandparents soon too.


Kids 1


Around that I’ve downloaded an app called WOD Generator which gives me a new workout every day, which allows me to stop getting bored.

While daddy is complaining he does not have enough weights I am not strong enough to lift all our weights yet so my training has not been too badly affected, in fact I’ve have set a couple of new personal bests this month in deadlift and been trying to do some more 2 km runs to build up my cardio for when Jr Park run starts again as I really want to be able to go under 11 minutes by the end of the year. What I really want to do is increase my upper body strength and lift double my bodyweight deadlift and my bodyweight overhead!

I’m really missing swimming though!

Hope everyone is ok and not going crazy in lockdown! Be safe everybody.

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