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Aeryn Ejjina's Blog - Part Ten - Scary Workouts

Aeryn Ejiina Blog

October 2020

Because it’s Halloween month I thought I would talk about being scared. Not monsters or nightmares, but they’re scary enough, but about being scared in the gym.

I hated failing lifts. I really hate it. It makes me cry and feel like rubbish. Like a failure. But it’s something we must all do from time to time, either you are carrying a slight injury, or the weight is right at the edge of your ability, or you are just having a bad day. But my daddy taught me a saying:

“The iron always wins.”

No matter how good a day you are having, no matter how strong you are, how good you are at lifting, at some point the weights are going to be too much. Your muscles will get tired, your technique will fail you and the iron will beat you. It happens to everyone in the gym, every day.

Failure is good. It means you’ve taken your body as far as you can on that day.

The only way to continually improve is to get better all the time. The only way to do that is to push the edges of your ability. So failure in the gym is expected. It is to be embraced and sought out. You want to fail. You want to feel sore the next day. You want that feeling of accomplishment when you hit a PB. I jump in the air and scream “yes!” but it only happens because I have pushed myself to get there. Only because I have failed fifty or a hundred times before.

You should be scared before a big lift. The weight should scare you. Because if you hit it you’re so amazing and set a PB and if you fail you have got one step closer to it!  

Aeryn Ejjina Overhead - Clean and Pressed

Monthly Achievements

Deadlift – 50kg – this was a year goal for 2020

Clean and jerk – 25Kg – this was a year goal for 2020

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