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Aeryn Ejjina's Blog - Part Thirteen - Outside School Activites

February 2021

Well this lockdown is definitely going to be all of February, so why not set yourself a February Challenge! My mummy sets herself a challenge every month and this month I want to increase my deadlift to 55kg. This will put me ahead of target to hit my yearly goal of 75Kg. Mummy has also set me some running challenges and daddy has ordered a stationary bike, so I’m going to get to go on one of those as well!

As we’ve been down in lockdown I’ve been keeping busy, I’ve really settled in on increasing some of my compound lifts, focusing on bench press and deadlift.

But I’ve also thought about how to become a better person. I’ve set up my own business, Aeryn-Ejjina Athletics, so I can help as many people get fit as possible. To do this I’ve set up a YouTube account and I’m putting videos out on getting fit every day, everything from “How To…” to my new 30-week workout series “Colour”, which is going to be going out every Friday and requires no equipment. I’d love to be doing more modelling too, but it’s not going to happen in lockdown. I’ve also set up a Facebook page, Twitter account and have renamed my Instagram account so everything matches my business.

Aeryn Ejjina's Blog - Part Thirteen - Outside School Activites

I’ve also started doing a business studies course so I can be a better businesswoman. Daddy is helping me with the harder words and explaining a lot, but it’s really interesting and I get to see how business works and how my gym will one day be run.

I’m still maintaining my routine of 5:30am workouts 6 days a week, working on my core, Olympic lift technique and handstand practice. I’m also doing PE with Joe every weekday (doing replays on the days he’s not live) and do my CrossFit Shropshire workout in the afternoons and then a workout with my daddy, which is sometimes a run and sometimes a weights workout, which is currently all about my challenges of bench press and deadlift.  

So, what is your challenge you are going to set this month? If you can’t get into a gym or have weights at home what else can you challenge yourself to do? Reading? A cardio session every day? Making sure you have your water or nutrition dialled in every day?

Good luck guys.

Personal Bests

Bench Press: 22.2kg (up from 20kg)

Deadlift: 52.2kg (up from 50kg)

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