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Aeryn Ejjina's Blog - Part Three - Motivation

Aeryn Ejjina Blog

February 2020

Hi Guys!

People always tell me that motivation is hard, but I find it easy. I know my long-term goals and short-term goals and I what I have to do to get to them. If I missed a workout or only eat junk food I would not be able to do what I do or keep getting better. Motivation is what I needed when I started, now I just use my discipline. Sometimes I don’t want to do my morning workout but I just do it and feel better once I’ve done it. I listen to a YouTube video that talks about “all champions have discipline” and it’s so so true! I want to win the Olympics, Commonwealth games and CrossFit games, so I have to have discipline, motivation comes in when I’m doing my workout and things start to go wrong and I have a bad day.

Sometimes when things are hard and when I’m crying I use that as motivation. I want things to be hard. I know that’s when I am going to grow and get better.

In my afternoon sessions I listen to my motivation playlist on YouTube while I work out. It's full of fun videos, one is an advert, one is Katrin Davidsdottir talking about “doing the little things right over and over again”, one is a music video about strongmen and bodybuilders, one is about the winter Olympics, its just fun and it motivates me when I’m failing at a lift or something.

Aeryn Ejjina Blog

Recently I’ve been really struggling with a bad cough and that’s really made me struggle with my lifts, but especially with my cardio. I’m not hitting the numbers I wanted in my runs or cardio workouts but it’s OK, because I keep reminding myself that even though my heart is pounding really fast I’m getting better. But despite the cough I’ve still managed to do a few PB’s this month! One day I tried a CrossFit workout and the coughing really put me off an I didn’t do my best effort and was nearly 40:00 so daddy made me do it again the next day after we talked about it and the next day I was so motivated to do my best that I did it in under 15:00! I was so pleased!

One thing I’ve been able to do is lift heavy, so I have! I’ve set a load of new personal bests and hit some of my long-term goals, such as squatting my body weight and lifting 20KG overhead! So my goals are now changing and I’m motivated to hit them now!

Monthly Check In


Bodyweight – 25.2kg

Biceps – 21.5cm

Thighs – 37.5cm

PB’s This Month

Deadlift – 42.6Kg (increase of 0.1Kg)

Back Squat – 26.8Kg (increase of 4.6Kg) – 2020 Goal Achieved, Squat Bodyweight

Overhead Squat – 12.2Kg (increase of 2.4Kg)

Clean and Jerk – 20Kg (increase of 2.5Kg)

Snatch – 12.5Kg (increase of 0.3Kg)

20 Pistol Squats Unbroken – 2020 Goal Achieved

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