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Aeryn Ejjina's Blog - Part Two - Nutrition

Aeryn Ejjina Blog

January 2020

Hi Guys!

Okay so this month I thought I’d talk about my nutrition, because I love the CrossFit pyramid and that says the foundation of all strength and fitness is nutrition. My daddy taught me a saying “you are what you eat” and its basically the same thing.

Over Christmas I ate lots of really unhealthy food and didn’t exercise as much, but now I’m getting back in to my routine and exercising everyday and trying to eat a bit healthier, even though I have a lot of chocolate left over!

One of my heroes in Katrin Davidsdottir, her trainer Ben Bergeron says that you should eat things that used to be alive, like fish, meats, plants (fruits and vegetables) and nuts. The more colour you have when you look at your plate the healthier it is, just make sure you get enough protein, especially after a workout when your body accepts good stuff faster.

Because I am young some people say I shouldn’t have protein shakes and stuff, but we talked to a nutritionist in New York and he said that as long as I don’t have too much I’m fine, so I’m now having protein shakes almost every day after my workout. I’ve tried spinach in one, which was nice as it made it all green, and ice cream, milk and chocolate flavoured protein powder which made it like a milk shake!

I try to eat a healthy diet, but I always have treats, but I have to earn them (except at Christmas when they don’t count!). I told daddy to stop giving me white bread, I only have brown bread now in my school lunch box as its healthier, and I have at least one piece of fruit as well. Dinnertimes we always have lots of vegetables in our food, like curries and pasta. Breakfast I usually have porridge now, usually with blueberries. I like it when my daddy makes protein brownies for a snack.

But mostly I have to eat lots! I am really skinny and I struggle to put on weight as I work out so much. Daddy says I can get away with not eating so healthy now but I like to be healthy.

My favourite foods are pasta, like spaghetti bolognese but with lots of vegetables in it like leeks, carrots, tomatoes, sweetcorn and onions, and pizza, even though I know it’s unhealthy! I also like hot chocolate or Horlicks before bedtime. 

Monthly Check In

Bodyweight – 25.2kg

Biceps – 21.5cm

Thighs – 36.5cm

PB’s This Month

Deadlift – 42.5Kg (increase of 0.3Kg)

Shooting Star CrossFit Workout – 10:59 (- 9:49… almost halved my time in two and a half months!)

BodyWeight Squat - See video below



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