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The Story of an Eight Year Old Weightlifter - Aeryn Ejjina's Story

Introducing Aeryn Ejjina an eight year old weightlifter with a passion for all things strength. She tells us all about her training and why she got started then we find out how her father Craig encourages and guides her throughout the process

Aeryn Ejjina's Blog

Part One - Working on Weaknesses - December 2019

Part Two - Nutrition - January 2020

Part Three - Motivation - February 2020

Part Four - Heroes - March 2020

Part Five - Coping with CV19 Isolation - April 2020

Part Six - Covid 19 Workouts - May 2020

Part Seven - Lockdown & Exciting News - June 2020

Part Eight - Ending Lockdown - July 2020

Part Nine - Exercising on Holiday - August 2020

Part Ten - Scary Workouts - October 2020

Part Eleven - Back In Lockdown - November 2020

Part Twelve - New Year Goals - January 2021

Part Thirteen - Outside School Activities - February 2021

Part Fourteen - Crossfit Open - April 2021

Part Fifteen - Starting a New Adventure - May 2021

Part Sixteen - Is Gloucester My Spiritual Home? - June 2021

What is your ENOUGH? The Key to Realistic Goal Setting

A step by step guide on how to set goals using the ENOUGH acronym. Helps to realistically assess your current situation, habits and mindset and then prompts you to set goals that avoid unfair comparisons to others. 

Choosing your First Strongman Competition: Beginners Guide

Which category should I enter? What events are in a competition? How do I know if I’m strong enough to start competing? All these questions answered to help you not only find the right competition but to help you feel more confident in the process so all you then need to worry about is training hard for the big day.

Strongman/Strongwoman Films and Documentaries

Feast your eyes on these Strongman films and documentaries to keep you inspired between training, eating and sleeping. 

Organising a Strongman Competition

Are you organising a Strongman Competition? This article gives a good insight into what needs to be considered before, during and after a an event and points such as costing, events, and athlete care are all covered.

Oak Strength Personal Training: How a Strongwoman is Helping to Strengthen the Fitness Industry

Oak Strength is a personal training business run by Emma Kennedy in Gloucestershire. This article gives an insight into how she got started in fitness and to how she now focuses predominantly on training herself and others in the sport of Strongman and Strongwoman.

Chippenham's Strongest 2019 Competition and Review

A review of Chippenham's Strongest 2019 held in Wiltshire with photos and breakdown of the day.

Useful Online Pages & Websites

A collection of useful online resources and books with links so you can easily connect with what you're looking for.

Deadlifts, Sticking Points & Fixes

A key movement in any Strongman & Strongwoman training program is the deadlift, in this article Dan Hipkiss discusses the various sticking points in the lift and what accessory exercises should be used to overcome any issues.

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