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Frequently asked questions

How do I get my gym listed on Clean and Pressed?

Just send us the following information

  • Gym Name
  • Address
  • Strongman equipment list
  • Phone No
  • Email address
  • Website or Facebook page url

You can do this via our Contact Form

How do I get my competition listed on the Clean and Pressed?

Just let us these know these details

  • Name of competition 
  • County
  • Town or city
  • Gender (Male, Female, Non Binary) 
  • Categories (Novice, U90KG, opens etc) 
  • Facebook event page or website url
  • Price

You can do this via our Competition Submission Form

How do I submit a story to Strong People?

Just email your story to

For more details and ideas just click here

How do I get my article published on Clean and Pressed?

Anyone can submit an article to be considered for publication, for more information on word count and specifications please click here

I’m new to Strongman/Strongwoman how do I start competing?

We have published a guide answering this very question. Please check out “Choosing your first Strongman/Strongwoman competition: Beginners Guide