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Strongman/Strongwoman Shoulder Mobility

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The first article from Amy is up and it's her top tips for shoulder mobility and neck pain, This video was filmed due to popular demand as it would seem a lot of you guys and girls are concerned about shoulder health either right now or going forward. So have a watch and try implementing these exercises in your next workout.

"Tried and tested methods to help bring in more range of movement and reduce headaches. Great for all lifters but also those that spend hours sat at a desk." Amy

0:00 Introduction

4:04 Symptoms 

5:00 Rehab Considerations

7:40 Exercise One (Controlled Articular Rotations (CARS))

11:00 Exercise Two (Chest Opener)

12:00 Exercise Three (Threading the Needle)

14:45 Neck Stretches

15:10 Exercise One (Forehead Press)

15:52 Exercise Two (Chin Tucks)

16:52 Exercise Three (Trigger Point massage of Neck Flexors)

17:35 Conclusion

For even More information on Amy and Freedom Therapy go check out her profile page