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Aeryn Ejjina's Blog - Part Fifteen - Starting A New Adventure

May 2021

Hi Guys

Hope everyone is well as lockdown is ending and we are able to get outside more and more! I’m loving it, I’m doing a lot more running, outdoor workouts and hill climbs, and I’ve started a new adventure.

I’ve been going to one-on-one session with my CrossFit Coach at CrossFit Shropshire now the gyms are open and I’ve been invited to Phoenix Olympic Weightlifting for one on one training there later in the month too which I’m really looking forward to. I might even get to try some Strong Woman training with my aunty when I’m there! I’m super excited about that!

My six-week plan worked out with my coach is to build my back and glute strength. It’s part of our 3-year plan, to make me super strong so I’ll be in great shape when I’m old enough to join the CrossFit Open.

But my new adventure is joining Telford Athletic Club. I had been doing some running training with my daddy in the park just for fun when one of the trainers from Telford Athletic Club was training was there training some older kids in a socially distanced way. We ended up talking to him and they’ve asked me to join, which is really cool! I’ve really been enjoying running and this is something I can do with other kids, which is new to me and I’m really enjoying it. I’m hoping I might get to go in a competition at some point over the summer. We’ve been doing some throwing and jumping stuff, but I’m really enjoying the running. I’m not the fastest at sprints, that’s something I really have to work on (and my CrossFit coach says working on strengthening my glutes will help here) but I’m pretty good over longer distances. I love doing 800m or 2km runs and I’m also doing Couch 2 5K with my parents as it’s a fun time to chat with my mummy.

Aeryn Ejjina Trig point image

Weightlifting will always be my number one, but I love the cardio workouts too. So my big summer plan is now to build my back and glute strength, get better at handstands and keep improving my running, especially sprints.

This is a brand new adventure for me, I might be picked for competitions, which I’ve not been allowed to do weightlifting and CrossFit, so I’m really excited about the possibility of winning stuff, or just competing. I want to improve and get some competitions under my belt so I know what it is like for when I go to weightlifting or CrossFit competitions in the future.

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