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Strong People

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TELL US YOUR STRONGMAN/STRONGWOMAN STORY by submitting a written article or video.

Everyone has a story to tell and every story should be told, it can reach those hearing it in countless ways. It can educate, evoke emotion, ground someone or simply inspire, any of those will make you feel more connected to that person. As the strong world is such a small community (but growing fast), I think it will help us all to be more connected. Sometimes you will meet fellow athletes and won't have time to chat because either you're busy training or competing but really wish you had spoken more. Or maybe you're just shy about telling people face to face about you and your life. Take this opportunity to let the strong world know who you are, what you stand for and how you got to this point and we'll publish it on this site and share it on social media.

Strong People stories submitted so far: 

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