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Strong People - Charlotte Evans

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Charlotte Evans tells us her story this week and how she went from a shoulder injury at 18 to motherhood to then winning her second Strongwoman competition. 

From a young age I'd always loved sports from riding horses to rock climbing for my college course as a teenager. Unfortunately at 18, I had a nasty accident climbing a cliff partially dislocating my shoulder. Since then I went on a slow downward spiral where the surgeon said i wasn’t allowed to do anything more than running. I had surgery at 22 to fix my rotator cuff and off I went to get on with life but mentally by that point I was lost, I lost the passion for my love of sports, the drive, motivation and challenge just wasn't there. I'd bail out early from anything too strenuous thinking my shoulder would go again still prone to dislocation. Years went on, I married the love of my life who loves me for me regardless as my weight tragically fluctuated up and down. 

Then January 2018 I had my beautiful son, I was huge pregnant, I lost a lot of baby weight straight afterwards but what they don't tell you between every two hourly feeds how easy it is to binge eat quick and easy junk food. I'd gone from 79KG two weeks after giving birth to a whopping 94KG by May 21st. I saw a photo of myself pushing my boys’ pram. I was horrified that I’d ended up like this, I looked to me, enormous & unhealthy. Something needed to change. 

So that nervous anxious day I went down to the gym, my mindset had changed and I had changed all eating habits, no fad diets just healthy eating and five days week training. By October I'd gotten back down to a much healthier 75KG, I'd learnt to weight lift and picked weights up I'd never done before and I'd completely forgotten about any shoulder impingement I once had. Then I got asked to do a Strongwoman event in July, I thought I'd never do it but something lit a fire in me that day. I've trained from January 2019 in Strongman events not knowing what I'd got myself in for and signed up for two more competitions in the process. 

My love for Strongwoman and the challenge of prepping for a competition gives me the drive and motivation to strive and do better. I came 7th in my first Competition at Lancing’s South Coast but I'd loved every minute. I shocked myself further by then three weeks later winning the title West Sussex Strongest Woman. What started off as a way to lose weight has now turned into a passion to compete and next year compete in UK's Strongest Woman. I hope this influences and proves to other women feeling in the same boat they can do it. It's scary but the rewards are so much greater, especially when you find such a great gym, friends and have the family to support you. There are also some amazing Strongwomen I have met along the way who influence me daily. Rhianon Lovelace inspires me, what she's doing is phenomenal and at my first competition she managed to get me to do things I never thought possible. The same for Gemma Ferguson she's the England's U82KG Strongest Woman and my second competition the whole time just pushed me, which I can't thank her enough for. Also Andrea Thompson and Donna Moore just to name a couple more that just keep building up the sport.

My current plans for the future are to go to UK's Strongest Woman for U82KG and see how far I've come in a year and where I am in the pack. To defend my West Sussex Strongest Woman title next summer and to just keep building, learning and giving it my all. I also hope to become a Personal Trainer as I am enrolling on a course early next year and mainly to help build up other ladies that were in my situation and take the worry and anxiety out of it that comes with wanting to change your life.

Thank you Charlotte for sharing your story. If you would like to see how she progresses you can follow her on Instagram @lotti_the_lioness_evans

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