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Strongman/Strongwoman Gyms in Avon

Please find below a list of gyms for the Avon area including a key as to what equipment they have so you know where to go to train certain events

Gym Address Equipment Contact No Email Website Public/Private
Trojan Fitness 204 South Liberty Lane, Ashton, Bristol, BS3 2TY AB, LP, VP, CAR, AS, FC, YO, SB, TY 0117 966 1683 Public
Legends Gym 5 The Parade, Bristol, BS13 8JS LP x 2, AS, YO, PR, FC, AB, TY, KEG, VP 0117 9465352 Public
Ministry of Fitness Gym Unit 1, 15 Douglas Road, Kingswood, Bristol, BS15 8NH TY 01179 353 414 Public
NRG Gymnasium 1-3 High Street, Shirehampton, Bristol, BS11 0DT TBC 0117 982 4735 TBC