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Strongman/Strongwoman Gyms in London

Please find below a list of gyms for the London area including a key as to what equipment they have so you know where to go to train certain events. 


Gym Address Equipment Contact No Email Website
Genesis Gym 333 Athlon Rd, London HA0 1EF Atlas Stones (40KG to 185KG) + platform, 3 x logs (25KG, 35KG, 75KG), Axle Bars, Tyre Deadlift, 2 x Yoke, Hussafelt Stone, 5 x Circus Dumbbells, 4 x Farmers Walks, Chains 0208 5668687
The Commando Temple Units 14, 15, 16 Resolution Way, London, SE8 4NT Tyres (150KG, 227KG, 350KG, 512KG), Log Press (36kg 9-inch diameter, 40kg 11-inch diameter, 57.5kg 13-inch diameter, 80kg 13-inch diameter) Circus dumbbells (Strength shop 20KG, 31KG, 42KG, 53KG, 64KG, 78KG; Thomas Inch replica 78kg; Millennium replica 106KG, 9-inch loadable dumbbell 20KG, 11-inch loadable dumbbell 30KG), Loadable Farmers Handles plus braces to make them a frame (17KG, 92KG), Yoke (57kg empty), Loadable duckwalk, Car deadlift frame, Atlas stones (20KG up to 200KG, Atlas stone platforms (60 inches, 54 inches, 48 inches, 42 inches and 36 inches), Husafell stones (70KG, 90KG, 105KG, 120KG, 145KG, 160KG) Natural stones (20KG to 149KG) Dinnie stones (85KG, 107KG, 139KG, 151KG, 202KG), Axles 2-inch diameter (10KG, 20KG, 35KG) Conan’s wheel, Viking press, Sandbags (20KG to 110KG) Kegs (27KG to 100KG), Silver dollar simulators, Loadable iron cross carry, Metal pressing block, Stone pressing block, Anvils (56KG, 113KG, 126KG, 128KG) 020 8127 4545
Strength Ambassadors 71 Holland Road, London, E15 3BP

Axle (7.5KG), Small Log (17.5KG), Large Log (45KG), Atlas Stones (45KG, 55KG, 60KG, 70KG, 85KG, 90KG, 110KG) Farmers Handles (20KG), Yoke (40KG), Red Prowler (35KG), Black Prowler (20KG), Cerberus Sandbags (60KG, 80KG), Tyres (135KG,180KG, 250KG, 350KG), Kegs (20KG to 105KG)

07875 434428
Fit Tech Gym 288-290 Worton Road, Isleworth, Middlesex, TW7 6EL TBC 07990 453 366
The Foundry (Vauxhall) The Foundry at Black Prince Community Hub, Beaufoy Walk, off Black Prince Rd, Lambeth, London SE11 6AA TBC 020 7183 0283
The Foundry (Bank) 33-36 Lombard Street, London, EC3V 9BQ TBC 020 792 94345
The Foundry (Old Street) 227 City Road, London, EC1V 1JT TBC 020 7490 4036
TRG The Real Gym Unit E6, Barwell Business Park, Leatherhead Road, Chessington, KT9 2NY TBC 07918 930861