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Strongman/Strongwoman Gym in South Yorkshire


Gym Address Strongman Equipment Contact No Email Website
Viking Power and Strength Churchill Road, Doncaster Conans Wheel, Log Press x 4, Farmers Walk x 2, Frame Carry, Super Yoke, Yoke, Fingals Fingers, Husafell Stones, Atlas Stones (35KG to 200KG), Comp Grade Stone Loading Platform x 2, Tyres (upto 500KG), Axle Bars, Deadlift Bar, Viking Press, Monster Dumbbells, Loadable Monster Dumbbell, Duck Walk, Barrells, Sandbags, Loadable Shield, Ropes, Sleds, Truck Pull Facility, dedicated lighter equipment for beginners and females i.e. smaller farmers, fingers, 15KG bars etc 01302 341683 Not Available Facebook Page
Barnsley Barbell Unit 16 Mount Osborne Business Centre, Oakwell View, Barnsley, S71 1HH Log Press, Yoke, Farmers Carry, Sandbags, Prowler 07792 946723
Hulks Strongman Division Atlas Fitness, New Orchard Lane, Rotherham, S66 9AB TBC 07717 747132 Facebook Page
Crossfit Sheffield Unit 19, Sheafbank Business Park, Sheffield, S2 3EN TBC 07474 720277
Titanium Strength Gym 100 Fitzwalter Road, Sheffield, S2 2SP TBC 0114 275 5999