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Strong People - How to submit your story

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TELL US YOUR STRONGMAN/STRONGWOMAN STORY by submitting a written article or video.

Everyone has a story to tell and every story should be told, it can reach those hearing it in countless ways. It can educate, evoke emotion, ground someone or simply inspire, any of those will make you feel more connected to that person. As the strong world is such a small community (but growing fast), I think it will help us all to be more connected. Sometimes you will meet fellow athletes and won't have time to chat because either you're busy training or competing but really wish you had spoken more. Or maybe you're just shy about telling people face to face about you and your life. Take this opportunity to let the strong world know who you are, what you stand for and how you got to this point and we'll publish it on this site and share it on social media.

How to tell us your story

Submit either a written piece or a video whichever you feel most comfortable with and what you feel will get your story across the best. You can tell us your life story or simply an anecdote which you want to share. See below for guidelines.

Written Submission

Story Length: It can be as long or as short as you like, just bear in mind too long and you might lose the readers and too short you might not be giving them enough time to connect with you. 

Images: Please submit a minimum of two images of you to go alongside your article. Please note that if the image was taken by a professional/event photographer you will need to give details so appropriate permissions and credits can be used/given.

Please send your story and images to using Strong People and your name as the subject title.

Video Submission

Video Length: At the moment there is no minimum or maximum requirements, just bear in mind that if it is too long the viewer may skip ahead and if too short you might not be giving them enough time to connect with you.

Music: Please make sure that if using music that it is non copyrighted. Royalty free music is readily available from royalty free sites.

Please use Facebook Messenger (cleannpressed) to upload your video using Strong People and your name in the message. 

Topic Ideas

1. Who or what inspires you

2. Funny Anecdotes

3. Injuries

4. Meeting a hero

5. Favourite lifts and why

6. What scares you and why

7. Competition nerves

8. Meeting fellow strong people

9. What annoys you about the sport

10. How did you learn to lift

11. How did you meet your training partner

12. Why do you enjoy lifting solo

I'm really looking for to viewing/reading all of your submissions. Just remember when creating your story you can be honest, funny, sad, sarcastic or ballsy but ultimately be kind to yourself, after all we have a common connection, we're all Strong People. 

Sarah x

Special thanks to: Adam Hadfield, Abby Carter, Faye Ashcroft and Rolonde Bradshaw for supplying images for this page.